Boosting dev productivity

You can speed up your development process by using live reloading to see your app in action on each change.

First, let's add package:

npm i live-reload --save-dev  

Note: There are a lot of packages with similar name, so be sure to use this exact one.

In your index.html add this:

Now, we're going to need to fire up reload server along with our app. What I do is add one more npm script in my package.json:

"reload": "live-reload app --port 35729"

This command will open up live reload server on port (which is same one as specified in HTML), and will watch for changes in app folder. Prior to running my app, I just open up new terminal window and run it:

npm run reload  

As always, you can check it out in my sample project:

Bonus tip: This works pretty awesome in combination with onchange. If you'd like me to include sample of this, let me know.

Happy coding!

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