Debugging Electron in VS Code - again

So, a lot of people had problems with debugging Electron apps with Visual Studio Code, so I've made a video on the subject to demonstrate how it works on my end.

Just to inform on couple of things I've also made on Youtube. People who follow content here should already be familiar with the content, since I've already written about it, but I just wanted to recap.

Introduction to Electron
First one is going to demonstrate how to run Electron app.

Create window in Electron
Continuing on, I'm going to create a window and put some content in it.

Difference between main and renderer process
Now, I'll be creating multiple windows and explain what is the difference between main and renderer process.

Main and renderer process communication
Finally, I'm wrapping up window handling with demonstration of various ways to communicate between processes.

Thanks for your support. Cheers!

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