Must-have npm packages for Electron apps

Just a quick rundown of npm packages I tend to use in Electron projects, and what they're good for.
Note: I'm using it in my development package.json and they are key components in building and distributing apps.

Electron specific


Not much to say about this - Electron binaries for running your app. I avoid installing it globally but rather use it separately for each project. Keeps things clean, portable and projects are not dependable on one another.


Pretty much go-to tool to create your app binaries. I've written a lot on using it, so feel free to browse on blog.


Another tab in Chrome dev tools specifically made to help you profile your Electron app.
Note: Open your dev tools programatically or if you open it from the app, make sure that it is not detached, because you won't be able to see Devtron tab. I suppose this is a bug (in time of writing this article of course).

Working with files


Cross-platform way to copy files on your FS. I'm using it in my build process to move files to release folder.


Cross-platform way to create directory structure recursively. I use it to prepare directory structure for release folder.


Cross-platform tool to delete files and folders. It's basically rm -rf and that's why it's called rimraf. I use it to remove old generated files before generating new ones.



Cool package which you can use to refresh your app window (html) when folder is updated. I define my app folder to be used for reloading.


Define which folder/files to watch and execute action when change is detected. Supports glob.


Eye-candy to fire up OS notification when command is done (whether it succeeds or fails).
Watch out on one thing though - if your script fails when using exec-notify, next steps are executed, while without it, npm error would be thrown.


Awesome tool to run npm scripts in parallel or sequential manner. I use it to simplify package.json scripts.

Code specific


Just some linting for JS files. Works great with VS Code - check out this plugin. Everyone has a preference, so use whichever linting you want.


Npm package for smarter way to write CSS.


Butchering of that JS files. :-)

What do you think?

Did I forget miss something? I would love to get your feedback on what you're using in your apps.


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