Note on Sinopia

Short version

Install Node version 0.12.x, because later versions throw errors, i.e.:

brew install homebrew/versions/node012  

Longer version

Sinopia is a neat tool for quickly setting up private NPM repository. What does it have to do with Electron? Well there is a cross-platform tool for handling automatic updates for your app - electron-updater. To avoid constant pushing of packed app to outside source, I had to setup local NPM server. Sinopia is a tool to quickly and painlessly achieve that.

Problem is that I had a lot of errors while attempting to install it. You can use brew to get list of available versions and install specific one:

brew tap homebrew/versions  

When brew has access to other versions, you can install node 0.12 which it the one that actually works with Sinopia:

brew install homebrew/versions/node012  

You can see all available versions by running:

brew search node  

After it is installed you may need to link it:

brew link node012  

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