Auto-updater application name

I've included auto-updater in my project, but although I've been getting valid 200 response (which is fine for Squirrel), error event was dispatched in my app. After some time, I've found out that the problem is in naming of my application.

In package.json, I've set product name to be 2 words (i.e. "Hello World"). I'm using electron-builder which will create zip file for distributing update, but it will

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Auto-update failing on Mac OS


Try looking at response from server particularly Content-Length.

Longer version

I've been asked couple of times and also experienced failure with auto-updater on Mac OS. I've set correct URL, and tested it with curl and directly in browser and got response from server (both 200 and 204).

But somehow I kept getting error event from auto-updater. By investigating some more, it turned out to be problem in response

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