Building and deploying application

Article updated to use electron-builder v4+

This article is part of the Distributing Electron apps series.


Make one-liner to build and deploy your app!

Cut to the chase

Put this in development (root) package.json:

"scripts": {
    "dist": "build -mwl --x64 --ia32",
    "prerelease:osx": "rm -rf release/osx && mkdirp release/osx",
    "release:osx": "cp -rv dist/osx/*.{dmg,zip} release/osx && PACKAGE_VERSION=$(cat app/package.

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Electron-builder explained

This article is part of the Distributing Electron apps series.

This article was updated to demonstrate working with electron-builder v5.

Go-to tool for building Electron apps is electron-builder. When I first tried to build app, documentation was pretty scarce so I had to do a bit of digging myself. Docs are a bit better now, but I'll try to explain it in more detail and point out some gotchas.


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Electron + AngularJS - Packing and distribution

Update: This post was written for electron-builder v2. Time passed and stuff changed, so I wrote another series for electron-builder v3.

This is fourth part of introduction series to create application with Electron and AngularJS.

If you've missed, check how to add automatic updates.

Dive right in

As a final step in application development, we'll need to provide binaries for users to install. The easiest way is to use electron-packager

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