Electron + AngularJS - Preparing dev environment

This is first part of introduction series to create application with Electron and AngularJS.

Before starting to write any application code, we should install some prerequisites for running Electron apps as well as necessary libs.

Installing Node.js

First we need to have Node installed. This is required since we need npm (Node Package Manager) to run things. I suggest installing version 0.12.9 because of this and this

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Electron + AngularJS

While working with Electron I've spent (read: wasted) some time browsing the web, reading the docs and finally diving into the code. Project is still fairly new and there are not much resources on the subject. So I'll try to help out newcomers by making this step-by-step guide from scratch to shippable app.

The plan

I'll be creating example application in Electron with AngularJS.

The execution

  1. Preparing dev environment
  2. Creating

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