Building and deploying application

Article updated to use electron-builder v4+

This article is part of the Distributing Electron apps series.


Make one-liner to build and deploy your app!

Cut to the chase

Put this in development (root) package.json:

"scripts": {
    "dist": "build -mwl --x64 --ia32",
    "prerelease:osx": "rm -rf release/osx && mkdirp release/osx",
    "release:osx": "cp -rv dist/osx/*.{dmg,zip} release/osx && PACKAGE_VERSION=$(cat app/package.

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Electron 1.0 released!

But you probably already know...

Jump to their website, check out new docs and tools. Also, be sure to read their blog post.

I'm not writing this to link to announcement only, of course. I'd like to warn you guys about breaking changes in compiling.

If you required electron modules like this:

const remote = require('remote');  
const app = require('app');  
const autoUpdater = require('auto-updater');  

change it to require('electron').moduleName

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