Electron + AngularJS - Adding automatic updates

Update: Stuff changed, so I've wrote a series on implementing auto-update with Squirrel.

This is third part of introduction series to create application with Electron and AngularJS.

If you've missed, first create sample application.

One of the requirement for developing desktop application nowadays is ability to provide automatic updates.

Let me tell you a story...

I used NW.js for some time, but I missed this functionality. I went on

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Note on Sinopia

Short version

Install Node version 0.12.x, because later versions throw errors, i.e.:

brew install homebrew/versions/node012  

Longer version

Sinopia is a neat tool for quickly setting up private NPM repository. What does it have to do with Electron? Well there is a cross-platform tool for handling automatic updates for your app - electron-updater. To avoid constant pushing of packed app to outside source, I had to

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